Danny & Natalie's Engagement Party 18th June 2017

We grabbed a few shots of Danny and Natalie's engagement party, before we shoot the wedding next year! Check out the incredible lightshow on the dance floor!

Dot to Dot Nottingham - 28th May 2017

Got some awesome shots at Dot to Dot. We love gig photography so much.

Check out the rest of what we've shot here.

National Bird of Prey Centre, Helmsey, Yorkshire - 21st May 2017

After going for a nice long walk at the weekend, the National Birds of Prey Centre was spotted close-by! What a happy coincidence! 

The speed the birds were moving at definitely gave the SLRs auto-focus system a workout! We think the results were worth it!

Chatsworth Horse Trials - 13th May 2017

We've wanted to shoot some showjumping and equestrian sports for a while, so we loaded the SLRs and went to Chatsworth!

Some of these have been shot at deliberately low shutter speed to try to capture the feeling of speed!

Newark Civil War Re-enactment - 30th April 2017

Newark was a key royalist stronghold during the English War of the Roses. Every year a full scale re-enactment of a key battle is staged. We got some great shots of pikes, muskets and cannons!